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Blog 1: Employee of the month: Kim

Kim has shown an outstanding commitment to Nate’s All-Star Diner. An unmatched work ethic combined with her positive demeanor has led to an increase in covers. Nate’s All-Star Diner is more welcoming than ever with attitudes and service just as Kim’s. We would like to recognize her hard work by honoring her with employee of the month! We are pleased to have Kim on our team here at Nate’s All-Star Diner. Congratulations Kim.

Blog 2: Special of the Week

We have weekly specials here at Nate’s All Star Diner. We are pleased to announce this week’s special is our new legendary, Ratatouille! Our new special is very detailed and crafted with love. The delicious dish inspired Justin Bieber’s new track, “Yummy”. Come on down and have a taste for yourself!

Blog 3: Buy one, Give one!

Together, we can make a huge difference. With spring just weeks away, come on down to Nate’s All Star Diner anytime from 3-8pm on Saturday, February 29th. Nate’s All Star Diner will match every entree purchased with a free entree to a downtown Chicago charity for the homeless. A community of giving is the strongest community ❤

Blog 5: 5 tips to make any meal healthier

We all have our cheat days if we’re being honest! If you are like myself, that is everyday. Here are 5 tips to make any meal healthier for you.

Tip 1: Use a cooking spray on your pots and pans rather than butter or oil

Tip 2: Substitute white bread and pasta in your meals with wheat options instead

Tip 3: Include a fruit or vegetable medley to add volume to your food rather than adding potato chips or French fries

Tip 4: Use alternative and organic seasonings in your meals rather than using salt

Tip 5: Bake as much as possible in your meals instead of frying the food you are going to add to your meal

Blog 7: Nate’s All Star Diner employee awarded the 2020 Outstanding Citizen Award

We would like to recognize one of Nate’s All Star Diner’s top employees, Dwayne. Over the past weekend, Dwayne was the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Citizen Award as voted by the community. Dwayne is a selfless individual who always gives back to the community and spends a tremendous amount of time volunteering around the community to help as best as he can. Congratulations Dwayne, we are honored to have you on our team.

Blog 8: Nate’s All Star Diner now offers Uber Eats!

We are thrilled to announce that Nate’s All Star Diner will now be available on Uber Eats. We have added the delivery service to continue pleasing our customers. No more waiting in line or leaving your home, simply have your food delivered to your door!

Blog 9: Cities known for specific foods!

To lighten up your day, we at Nate’s All Star Diner have compiled a list of cities known for specific foods. Let us know on our Twitter page if you agree or not!

  1. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

2. Boston Baked Beans

3. New Orleans Gumbo

4. Kansas City Barbecue

5. Philadelphia’s Philly Cheesesteak

Blog 10: Our Why

Everyone has been motivated to achieve a dream at one point in their life. The inspiration to open Nate’s All Star Diner was once a dream that became a reality. That dream was influenced by Disney’s Ratatouille. The film exemplified how food can bring everyone together and the love for food comes from within, not how you look on the outside. Therefore, our why in Nate’s All Star Diner is to bring people together through our love for food!


Transcript: Hello, it is Nathaniel Marquez here. CEO of Nate’s All Star Diner. We have my business partner, Maximus. He is the CEO of a family owned shoe business. He has been kind enough to actually make a product and gift it to us so that way we in the next 7 days can have a fundraiser. We’ll be teaming up and giving out sneakers. We’ll have some more details for you tomorrow. 

The product “Air Nate’s” is a one of a kind shoe that is specifically designed to provide the wearer with a comfortable and good looking shoe. So you are not only giving back to the community, but you are getting a good looking shoe.

So what really made us invent this product? I’ve played sports throughout my life. As you all know, constant movement even if you don’t play sports or even being up on your feet in general can sometimes cause your feet to be sore or hurt regularly. “The average adult takes 4000 to 6000 steps a day Between 75% and 80% of the adult population have some form of foot problem.” ( So we decided to team up and make a shoe that would provide both comfort and give other benefits as well such as strengthening muscles in the legs.

Overall, the shoe’s main goal is to provide great cushioning for individuals with flat foot or foot pains. According to (  60 million americans(25%) suffer from flat foot. This was a unique find for us so we decided to both further the cause in helping relieve COID-19 stress, further testing, and provide the wearer with comfort.

Also, the shoe is designed in a unique build to firm calf muscles and tones thigh muscles. It does this through the slight arch in the shoe.

Long-lived Food Myths

There are topics to discuss when talking about food or the restaurant business. Through all the possible topics I personally believe that food myths need to be addressed. There are many examples of embedded beliefs we all have about certain foods. These beliefs were taught to us in our upbringing through society. However, a lot of these food beliefs that most people learn early on in life are not historically accurate. For example, most people think of Italy when we think about or see pasta. What if I were to tell you that pasta did not originate in Italy, would you believe me? In fact, pasta was introduced in Italy by Marco Polo from China during the 13th century( This fact comes as a surprise to most people, but pasta is simply tied to Italy because they are known for perfecting it as it was introduced to Italy by Marco Polo. Furthermore, a popular Mexican dish, tacos al pastor, did not originate in Mexico either. As in Italy’s case, tacos al pastor were introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants who were familiar with lamb shawarma( That example may blow your mind as well as everyone assumes that the popular Mexican dish originated in Mexico. Another example of a long-lived food myth is the croissant. Most people believe the croissant is from France. However, croissants originated in Austria in the 13th century and were eventually introduced to France. The croissant was created as a celebration for a victory over an empire and the croissant was created to take the shape of a crescent moon as depicted on the Turkish flag( This fact blows minds as well as the rest of the long-lived food myths. Finally, the biggest long-lived food myth of all is French fries. French fries did not originate in France. In fact, fries were traced back to the late 1600s where Belgium began frying potatoes( This concludes the epic list of long-lived food myths! I hope I blew your mind and I know you will now question every food and its original origin.

As mentioned:


Tacos al pastor


French fries

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